Hyderabad will Precede Bangalore in Development

Cities perhaps are inanimate, but they are complicated. The old cliché reverberates that, “people make the city.” But seldom do we talk about other factors like economic conditions, infrastructure development, and government policies. 

Both IT giants (Bangalore & Hyderabad) have a lot in common. Hyderabad with the abundance of land and other factors such as water makes it a prime location for IT professionals. Prediction is an arduous task, but both cities have played an important role in the growth of India, and its social development. 

If you ask me, I will go with Hyderabad and there are strong reasons for this decision. My sagacity about Hyderabad is derived from infrastructure and development. Hyderabad is growing at a constant pace, whereas Bangalore is similar to a wave of IT professionals. The disparity of infrastructure and IT professionals in Bangalore cannot be comparable. 

Hyderabad attracts more people who are looking for a Job opportunity, and the expenses for rudimentary things are minimal.  Also, the cost of living is less, which makes it an amicable place to live. 

The pro-activeness from the Telangana State Government’s side is quite encouraging. More projects are entering the Hyderabad market. Several Western and USA-based companies strongly prefer Hyderabad. The cultural heritage of Hyderabad and its rich cuisine add to the flavours of the city. Most important Hyderabad’s Road is not congested like Bangalore. The ample space in Hyderabad makes it the most sought-after place. The brilliantly interlinked metro travels far. The future of Hyderabad is fascinating compared to Bangalore.   

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