NRI Preference for Investments in Real Estate in India

Ketu (name changed for confidentiality) is an IIT graduate living in the United States for several years. A mix of dollar dreams and great opportunity have led him abroad. Smitten by the desi tadka of properties has attracted Ketu to the real estate market in India. He purchased a flat at Manikonda Hyderabad. 

The pride about owning a house or an apartment in their own country is there in the psyche. NRI’s prefer to buy a house or an apartment in India. Hyderabad real estate is quite lucrative in this matter. Nearly, millions of Hyderabadis work in Silicon Valley USA. Most of them are nostalgic for their own country. 

However, it is not merely emotions at work. Investments play an enormous role. Buying a home and renting gives them an edge. 

Who doesn’t want an extra income?

NRI’s and Metros 

NRI’s are looking after metros & MMR for lucrative investments. The cities they are aiming for are Pune, Gurugram, Noida, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Positive report is showing at 360 Realtors. Many NRI investments are focused on the area which has the IT crowd. Innumerable amenities, high-rising skyscrapers, or open plots are major attractions for NRI’s. Those places include Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune.

A major chunk of investment is coming from GCC countries, and also Europe & Asia Pacific countries. All these are enriching Indian Real Estate by a big margin. The sagacity of the expatriate population should be admired, and they would play a pivotal role in Indian Real Estate. 

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