Increase in Demand & Economy in Hyderabad Real Estate Quarter 4th of 2024



There is an upsurge in real estate in eight Indian cities, which includes Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, and Ahmedabad. The rising GDP in India does give rise to growth in the housing sector in eight major Indian cities. The requirement for luxury houses and premium offices has increased. Prices for houses are growing rapidly by 2-13 percent. In Hyderabad & Mumbai, the surge in house sales grew rapidly. In fact, the leasing was increased in the office sector in Hyderabad & Pune. There was a decrease in the housing sector in Bangaluru, but in office, there were no gains or losses.

The 2023-24 4th half study conducted by property consultant Knight Frank has reported that there is a steep rise in eight cities across India.

Knight Frank India has predicted a surge of 9% every year in housing sales and a scintillating 43% increase in commercial spaces and offices across eight major cities in the country from the January-March period, this year. The reason behind the growth is the augmentation in demand for luxury residences and office spaces.

January-March housing sales went up to 86,345 units in all eight cities mentioned. The financial & economic conditions give rise to stability; indeed, that is the reason for stability in Indian markets and an increase in business opportunities. All the eight major cities are seeing an increase in business.

Hyderabad is the prime location for anyone involved in real estate. Most of the developers are looking into the city for more land and opportunity.